About Spay Dakota

Spay Dakota is an affiliate of Minn-Kota PAAWS (a volunteer-run spay/neuter clinic and cat shelter). PAAWS was started for one mission – to reduce the number of animals euthanized at the local pounds, and to reduce the number of unwanted litters of cats and dogs born.

In 2004, founder Lori Magelky wanted to have a feral cat spayed. She watched this cat have litter after litter, until finally, the cat was live trapped. Calls to area veterinary clinics resulted in price quotes of $200-plus. With this information, an idea was born. There needed to be alternatives for people who simply couldn’t afford these prices.

For the first two years, Lori drove cats to a low-cost spay/neuter clinic 120 miles away. She would return in the late afternoon. In 2005, she contacted an area veterinarian who had recently retired and was living in Moorhead, Minn. Dr. Ron would occasionally travel 70 miles to Crookston, Minn., to perform spays and neuters on cats and dogs at the shelter there. He would frequently take pets from Fargo and perform the surgeries there. In late 2005, surgeries were performed in a donated space at the Moorhead airport. In early 2006, with the help of an area Realtor, PAAWS found and moved into its current space in Fargo. The program has since grown. PAAWS now has a separate wing dedicated exclusively to our spay/neuter clinic. Our shelter is comprised of 5 rooms where cats run freely.

PAAWS has also acquired several new veterinarians and many core volunteers. Subsequently, our program numbers have increased: Click here for our spay / neuter numbers.

Our Facility